Crime in New Arkham must come to an end…

Strange events and crime sprees plague the streets of New Arkham, and it is wreaking havoc on the future of the New England penisula. Everywhere citizens, business people and politicians ask: What is happening? Can it be stopped?

Enter the Masks

You are contacted in the middle of the night asked to help solve the crisis. Going against accepted ideas, The Arklight Corporation seeks out masked heroes to end this crisis.

Can a difference be made?

Can you help save the future of New Arkham?

Inspirations and Theme

Fiction- The comic book stories “V for Vendetta” “The Dark Knight Returns” “The Watchmen” “George R R Martin’s ‘Wild Cards’” “Kingdom Come” and “No Man’s Land” all serve as inspirations and thematic representations of the series.

TV- “Smallville” “The Cape” and “Lost” all lend thematic ideas to the series.

Movies- All recent Superhero Movies have provided inspiration for the ideas, principly Chris Nolans Batman Movies have provided a great deal of thematic inspiration. As well as, “Strange Days” “New Jack City” and The Matrix Trilogy.


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