A Debriefing...with The President

End of Mini-Series

Upon returning to American airspace, Flintlock receives a summoning of the team to report to Langley, Virginia. Representatives of the NTAC, CIA, NSA, and Pentagon are on hand to speak to all the members of the team, and all personnel that had contact with Sebastian Treviss or The Nihilist.

After two days of grueling questioning the team is flown by stealth transport to the Camp David. They are greated by the Presidential Security forces and run through several layers of briefing before entry to the President’s office is granted.

“Well now. Look what we have here…Bonefide heroes in my presence. Greetings.”

“As you are no doubt aware of by now, the Russkies used a pair of conventional warheads to destroy the facility you discovered in Siberia. That is of course, after you all destroyed the tower and underground facility.”

“Those places never existed Mr. President.” An aide chimes in to correct.

“Oh right. They tested the viability of an old warhead supply on an abandoned reserach facility in the tundra. Whatever. You guys belive that story? Yeah me neither…”

The President pours himself a tumbler of whiskey, adds some ice and offers up the rest of the bottle to the team.

“The reason you are here is I want to CORRECT a few impressions. The NSI is a creation of my administration. It’s origin as a clandestine operation will be formally denigned by people, and future administrations. The debacle that the Arklight people have made out of their New Arkham experiment will take a while to sort out, but a motion sits in Congress right now to reacquire the territory for the US on the grounds that the experiment is now a matter of National Security. The resources being used there will be seized by the U S of A, and they will receive reimbursement after a Congressional Oversight Committee analyzes their actions.”

“Now as far as Russia goes…you were never there. But the Russians want in on the Tribunal we have to set up. The people you have will stand trial in a New International Court of Law, who is being pushed to establish a Global policy on ‘Super Criminals.’ The bigger issue is what do we do with them, once we find them guilty… Any ideas?”



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