Aftermath, Part 2

Big Damn Problems Arise!

With the continued coverage of the LA Funeral Incident, tensions begin to rise across the world. A video threat is broadcast to the world by General Anarchy, and goes viral online immediately:

“No longer will mankind sit back and watch the gods and devils of this world move forward and destroy our world. From this moment on all alien, supernatural and mutant freaks of the world will be killed where ever they hide. In public or in their dark lairs. No less than extinction will be acceptable. We will not be subjugated, not now, not ever!” General Anarchy

Within moments crisis reports begin to pop up in the NSI database:

  • The Scion Priory Center in LA is threatened with a mob.
  • The Atomix Tower in New York is rocked by a bomb at its foundation.
  • In Moscow, a series of hits are executed against mutants, who are hung outside their homes.
  • In Cairo, a Sept Leader of the Scion Priory is mobbed at his home and taken.
  • Several key US and Russian satelites are hit by ballistic missiles, fired from China.
  • North Korea moves against known mutants and aliens in their borders, seizing them.
  • In Canada, many supernaturals who have quietly revealed themselves, are threatened and flee their homes.

Flintlock turns to you and says: “Now…we have a problem.”



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