Issue 3 Recap

We need a hero!!

After a dramatic series of events the citizens of New Arkham can rest assured that there is someone looking out for them.

Who you ask?

Why superheroes, of course!!

Now before you change your channel allow me to demonstrate the facts:
Strange beings have been intervening in Earth’s history for eons. Simply consult your world history books and the evidence is there. Gods, dragons and many unexplainable “alien events” are sprinkled over the accounts of any age of human history.

(images as shown)

Now let’s look at the footage from the bridge incident. It is obvious that a powerful threat looms over the city. The power armored individuals that blasted the bridge did so to kill people. Those people were saved by Gilgamesh, Nullspace and Air-man. Many others were saved by the whole team, including The Warden tand Sphereport.

(foootage is shown)

But the most amazing story is the one that occurred at the Grand Clemont Subway Station tonight. Four robotic monstrosities attempted to kill thousands of citizens and NAPD troopers. They even went so far as to rain rockets down on the innocents.

Even an attempt to bring the roofs own was prevented by our superheroes. Not a single life was lost and now over 5 thousand people have left the city to safety in nearby Sheal.

This is fantastic people. We have our own guardians here to protect us. All provided by the Arklight Corporation.

Thanks and Goodnight.

Simon Out!!



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