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“Obviously these so-called ‘superheroes’ and ‘supervillains’ are more concerned with fighting each other than anything else. I say, fine, but let them do it somewhere else. In the last twenty years, what has any “heroes” done for Los Angeles? Did they help quell the riots? Have they done anything to stop earthquakes from destroying buildings and hurting innocent people? have they done anything tangible for the City of Los Angeles, or the entire United States? Get rid of them, I say. I’m as sorry as anyone else that the paranormals are hated, but I say they made themselves a target; they practically invited these people to come attack New Arkham. Allowing this NSI to recruit new members is just asking for a bloodbath."
- G. Gordon Liddy

“The Lord our God clearly shows in His Word that we are to depend on Him to solve our problems, not on some supernaturally empowered so-called ‘super heroes.’ These so-called ‘heroes’ are nothing more than an attempt of the forces of Satan to distract us from the True Light of Jesus Christ…”
- Pat Robertson

“Ladies and gentlemen, the liberal media would have you believe that actions by the superpowered are entirely their own fault. I won’t go that far, but I will say this: what else have these ‘heroes’ done? Now there are paranormals that go out and fight crime and whatnot, and sometimes they do actually succeed in stopping violent criminals from preying on innocent people.”

“But it’s clear to me, and I think it’s clear to any right-thinking person, that this paranormal thing has gone too far. If we let it continue the way it’s been going, where will it end? I’ll tell you: we’ll be living in a battleground, where these superheroes and supervillains are slugging it out, demolishing buildings, endangering innocent people’s lives, and you and I will be bystanders, just hoping that we don’t get hit by a stray radiation beam or a flying car.”
- Rush Limbaugh

“Investigation continues into last week’s terrorist attack and resulting explosion at the Vectronix Linear Dynamics Research Institute. Federal investigators are now attributing the attack to a subversive paramilitary organization calling itself Genocide. The death toll from the attack is now estimated at 23 people, most of whom were scientists working on the institute’s Quantum Collimator project. Next on Nightline…”

“In KROQ news, funeral services for the remaining members of the paranormal group Vanguard will be held tomorrow. The services for the hero Michael Sargent were held by his family yesterday. Since the remaining members of Vanguard have no known family, their surviving teammate Modulator has arranged for their burial, which will take place tomorrow morning at Sturtevant Memorial Cemetary. For safety reasons, the City Manager has requested that the public not attend, and serveral members of the LAPD will be on hand to make sure things don’t get out of hand. However, your K-Rock radio station has scored a limited number of passes to the funeral, and we’ll be giving these out for the rest of the afternoon. There are seven superheroes being buried, so caller number seven will get two passes to the event…”

“Another body has been found in downtown LA with its skin removed, this time in the South-Central area. Police have not yet identified the body, the third such to be found in Los Angeles this year. Police deny that the gruesome killings are the work of a serial killer, saying that the area where this body was found is known for gang violence, and that the murderer probably merely imitated the style of the previous killings. Area civic leaders are attributing the deaths to the vigilante calling himself Beowulf, who is known for both his intolerance of drugs and his brutal methods of dealing with those he catches in the act of dealing them. Police have no suspects at this time.”

“Tonight on Beyond Human: Embalming a God. How does one embalm a being whose skin is hard as stone, and whose blood is thicker than mashed potatoes? Burying Hercules, tonight on Beyond Human….”



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