The North Star Initiative



Publically created after the events of the New Arkham “Day of Terror,” the creation of the NSI also served as public acknowledgement of super-human activites. Although it is too early to predict the exact ramifications of the announcement the world post-reveal is full of energy and speculative journalism.

At the center of this spevulation is the iconic team that has publically paired with the NSI: Gilgamesh, Air-man, and Sphereport along with assistance from Nullspace and the Warden. From the NSI members Psion and Wraith have been welcomed into the fold.

The NSI conducts its activites from an secret location, rumored to be a flying aircraft carrier.


Initially formed in the wake of the McCarthy trials, the Initiative has acted in a covert fashion covering up super-human and alien activites, as well as, neutralizing threats to national security. For some time it has been the desire of high-ranking executives to form a US sanctioned team of superhumans to act in a covert manner to deal with the more severe threats that have been analyzed by the Initiative.

The North Star Initiative

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