Aftermath, Part 2
Big Damn Problems Arise!

With the continued coverage of the LA Funeral Incident, tensions begin to rise across the world. A video threat is broadcast to the world by General Anarchy, and goes viral online immediately:

“No longer will mankind sit back and watch the gods and devils of this world move forward and destroy our world. From this moment on all alien, supernatural and mutant freaks of the world will be killed where ever they hide. In public or in their dark lairs. No less than extinction will be acceptable. We will not be subjugated, not now, not ever!” General Anarchy

Within moments crisis reports begin to pop up in the NSI database:

  • The Scion Priory Center in LA is threatened with a mob.
  • The Atomix Tower in New York is rocked by a bomb at its foundation.
  • In Moscow, a series of hits are executed against mutants, who are hung outside their homes.
  • In Cairo, a Sept Leader of the Scion Priory is mobbed at his home and taken.
  • Several key US and Russian satelites are hit by ballistic missiles, fired from China.
  • North Korea moves against known mutants and aliens in their borders, seizing them.
  • In Canada, many supernaturals who have quietly revealed themselves, are threatened and flee their homes.

Flintlock turns to you and says: “Now…we have a problem.”

Aftermath, Part 1

“We owe them better communications systems so that when they are called upon to assist in the next disaster, they have the tools necessary,”
-John McCain, of the NSI

“Disaster is a natural part of my evolution. Toward tragedy and dissolution.”
-Chuck Palahniuk

In the wake of the Vanguard Funeral Disaster, authorities are concerned with any public gatherings of “Superheroes.” The FBI’s Dept 13 has this to say on the matter:

“It is evident from the incidents in Los Angeles that a closer look needs to taken at what super-heroes are and the desired role they should play in American Law. The LAPD will receive our full cooperation in enduring that the funeral proceedings are carried out without the involvement of supers!”
-Jim Flint, Director Dept 13, FBI

In the News
V-2, I-2

News Quotes

“Obviously these so-called ‘superheroes’ and ‘supervillains’ are more concerned with fighting each other than anything else. I say, fine, but let them do it somewhere else. In the last twenty years, what has any “heroes” done for Los Angeles? Did they help quell the riots? Have they done anything to stop earthquakes from destroying buildings and hurting innocent people? have they done anything tangible for the City of Los Angeles, or the entire United States? Get rid of them, I say. I’m as sorry as anyone else that the paranormals are hated, but I say they made themselves a target; they practically invited these people to come attack New Arkham. Allowing this NSI to recruit new members is just asking for a bloodbath."
- G. Gordon Liddy

“The Lord our God clearly shows in His Word that we are to depend on Him to solve our problems, not on some supernaturally empowered so-called ‘super heroes.’ These so-called ‘heroes’ are nothing more than an attempt of the forces of Satan to distract us from the True Light of Jesus Christ…”
- Pat Robertson

“Ladies and gentlemen, the liberal media would have you believe that actions by the superpowered are entirely their own fault. I won’t go that far, but I will say this: what else have these ‘heroes’ done? Now there are paranormals that go out and fight crime and whatnot, and sometimes they do actually succeed in stopping violent criminals from preying on innocent people.”

“But it’s clear to me, and I think it’s clear to any right-thinking person, that this paranormal thing has gone too far. If we let it continue the way it’s been going, where will it end? I’ll tell you: we’ll be living in a battleground, where these superheroes and supervillains are slugging it out, demolishing buildings, endangering innocent people’s lives, and you and I will be bystanders, just hoping that we don’t get hit by a stray radiation beam or a flying car.”
- Rush Limbaugh

“Investigation continues into last week’s terrorist attack and resulting explosion at the Vectronix Linear Dynamics Research Institute. Federal investigators are now attributing the attack to a subversive paramilitary organization calling itself Genocide. The death toll from the attack is now estimated at 23 people, most of whom were scientists working on the institute’s Quantum Collimator project. Next on Nightline…”

“In KROQ news, funeral services for the remaining members of the paranormal group Vanguard will be held tomorrow. The services for the hero Michael Sargent were held by his family yesterday. Since the remaining members of Vanguard have no known family, their surviving teammate Modulator has arranged for their burial, which will take place tomorrow morning at Sturtevant Memorial Cemetary. For safety reasons, the City Manager has requested that the public not attend, and serveral members of the LAPD will be on hand to make sure things don’t get out of hand. However, your K-Rock radio station has scored a limited number of passes to the funeral, and we’ll be giving these out for the rest of the afternoon. There are seven superheroes being buried, so caller number seven will get two passes to the event…”

“Another body has been found in downtown LA with its skin removed, this time in the South-Central area. Police have not yet identified the body, the third such to be found in Los Angeles this year. Police deny that the gruesome killings are the work of a serial killer, saying that the area where this body was found is known for gang violence, and that the murderer probably merely imitated the style of the previous killings. Area civic leaders are attributing the deaths to the vigilante calling himself Beowulf, who is known for both his intolerance of drugs and his brutal methods of dealing with those he catches in the act of dealing them. Police have no suspects at this time.”

“Tonight on Beyond Human: Embalming a God. How does one embalm a being whose skin is hard as stone, and whose blood is thicker than mashed potatoes? Burying Hercules, tonight on Beyond Human….”

A New Era-Three Months Later
Issue #1 in an ongoing series

Three Months have passed since the assault on New Arkham. The NSI, The Icons, and the World face new problems and have limited solutions…

A Debriefing...with The President
End of Mini-Series

Upon returning to American airspace, Flintlock receives a summoning of the team to report to Langley, Virginia. Representatives of the NTAC, CIA, NSA, and Pentagon are on hand to speak to all the members of the team, and all personnel that had contact with Sebastian Treviss or The Nihilist.

After two days of grueling questioning the team is flown by stealth transport to the Camp David. They are greated by the Presidential Security forces and run through several layers of briefing before entry to the President’s office is granted.

“Well now. Look what we have here…Bonefide heroes in my presence. Greetings.”

“As you are no doubt aware of by now, the Russkies used a pair of conventional warheads to destroy the facility you discovered in Siberia. That is of course, after you all destroyed the tower and underground facility.”

“Those places never existed Mr. President.” An aide chimes in to correct.

“Oh right. They tested the viability of an old warhead supply on an abandoned reserach facility in the tundra. Whatever. You guys belive that story? Yeah me neither…”

The President pours himself a tumbler of whiskey, adds some ice and offers up the rest of the bottle to the team.

“The reason you are here is I want to CORRECT a few impressions. The NSI is a creation of my administration. It’s origin as a clandestine operation will be formally denigned by people, and future administrations. The debacle that the Arklight people have made out of their New Arkham experiment will take a while to sort out, but a motion sits in Congress right now to reacquire the territory for the US on the grounds that the experiment is now a matter of National Security. The resources being used there will be seized by the U S of A, and they will receive reimbursement after a Congressional Oversight Committee analyzes their actions.”

“Now as far as Russia goes…you were never there. But the Russians want in on the Tribunal we have to set up. The people you have will stand trial in a New International Court of Law, who is being pushed to establish a Global policy on ‘Super Criminals.’ The bigger issue is what do we do with them, once we find them guilty… Any ideas?”

Another Cold Night in Russia
Here we go!

The icy Siberian tundra glows ominously in the moonlight. Five figures exit a silent VTOL craft that has descended onto the icy ground. A gust of winter wind accompanies the departing of the craft, its ion-powered engines lifting it into the sky.

In the distance a five-story tower looms above the uneven terrain. Every few minutes a shuttle craft enters the tower from the north, stays for less than a minute and then departs back from where it came, before repeating its trip.

“Initial analysis shows multiple fields of energy coming from below the tower’s foundation. What ever this is, its secrets are below the surface…”

A Cold Night in Russia

A cold wind blows across the silent tundra near Nihil’osk, accompanied by a lone airsuit of unknown origin that walks into the rising night. A lone structure, a factory with billowing smoke stacks, can be seen obscruring the glare of the setting sun in the distance. The silence is broken by the thundering crash of a factory wall as it is parted by the fist of tall figure hearing a fedora and trenchcoat. Nearby a man in fatigues hovers on a flying disk, a battlesuit wearing scientist, and a faded man dressed in black watch the wall part revealing its inner corridors.

The man with the hat utters something unintelligable as he stares into the dark recesses of the factory his vision focused on a scene that only he can see: A window into a well lit room. Seated near the window at a desk is a man in a dark gray suit, italian in design, asian in fabric, and expensive.

The figure turns to meet the gaze of the man in the hat:

“Welcome to Russia, Gilgamesh. Dasvidanya, heroes…”

Act Two

With the public revealing of the super-powered phenomenon and the creation of the North Star Initiative (NSI), it is an exciting time. However, as the time of trials for the captured villains approaches the eyes of the world watch the Arklight Corporation’s impending Tribunal.

Four lawmakers from around the world arrive in New Arkham and begin debating the law conventions that will be used in the Tribunal’s proceedings.

The Icons (as they have been named) are now independent of the Arklight Corporation and have thrown in with the NSI in an official capacity. Now recognized as the da facto group of supers in North America.

The question on everyone’s mind is…what dark tidings will the future bring?

Act 1 Recap

Synopsis of Act 1

Principal Personas

Issue 3 Recap
We need a hero!!

After a dramatic series of events the citizens of New Arkham can rest assured that there is someone looking out for them.

Who you ask?

Why superheroes, of course!!

Now before you change your channel allow me to demonstrate the facts:
Strange beings have been intervening in Earth’s history for eons. Simply consult your world history books and the evidence is there. Gods, dragons and many unexplainable “alien events” are sprinkled over the accounts of any age of human history.

(images as shown)

Now let’s look at the footage from the bridge incident. It is obvious that a powerful threat looms over the city. The power armored individuals that blasted the bridge did so to kill people. Those people were saved by Gilgamesh, Nullspace and Air-man. Many others were saved by the whole team, including The Warden tand Sphereport.

(foootage is shown)

But the most amazing story is the one that occurred at the Grand Clemont Subway Station tonight. Four robotic monstrosities attempted to kill thousands of citizens and NAPD troopers. They even went so far as to rain rockets down on the innocents.

Even an attempt to bring the roofs own was prevented by our superheroes. Not a single life was lost and now over 5 thousand people have left the city to safety in nearby Sheal.

This is fantastic people. We have our own guardians here to protect us. All provided by the Arklight Corporation.

Thanks and Goodnight.

Simon Out!!


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