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Let the Light Shine!

You have been contacted by a covert agency of the US Government and “asked” to attend a meeting involving a matter of national security.

You are greeted by representatives of the Arklight Corporation and a handful of NSA rejects wearing a kind of symbol you have never seen before, a sword pointing down over a sunburst.

Setting Info
What you need to know!


Who is:

  • The Initiative?
  • The Syndicate?
  • The Watcher?
  • The vigilantes?

The Players

Volume 1 Begin
Enter the Zero

Welcome to New Arkham

City Under Siege

16 hours ago…

The Arklight Corporation receives the information that a letter has been delivered to Mayor Lincoln West. This letter is a declaration of war from a mysterious person or organization. It simply states that as of midnight the City of New Arkham will arrange the release of The Notorious Nine immediately. Every hour that this does not happen an event will be carried out. These events are preventable by the release of the Notorious Nine. The severity of each event will escalate until the city cooperates.

Midnight (T minus 16 hours)

An ambulance explodes enroute to St. Peter’s Hospital in Midtown

One AM (T minus 15 hours)

Three taxis are hijacked in each area of New Arkham: Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown. The all arrive at the New Arkham International Airport, each is carrying a mob enforcer.

Two Am (T minus 14 hours)

A Protectorate Division vehicle with three dead guardsman in it is found on the docks in Downtown.

Three AM (T minus 13 hours)

A firefight breaks out near the Midtown Water Treatment plant, a dozen employees and security are found dead. The access codes have all been reset on the chemical filtration system. It takes 4 hours to get them all fixed and the system calibrated properly.

Four AM (T minus 12 hours)

An Investigative Reporter named Sam Lane and his camera crew are taken by ambulance to the Sheal General Hospital after a drive-by shooting. They have an expose in the morning paper celebrating their commitment to chronicle the success of the recent crime wave and criticize the Arkham Protectors. It is on all the news stands by 6 AM.

Five AM (T minus 11 hours)

A yakuza boss, a mafia lieutenant, and an Irish hitman are all found dead within minutes of each other in Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown respectively.

Six AM (T minus 10 hours)

A news feed is hijacked in New Arkham and the WXZV News Agency broadcasts the names of all businessman that were indicted last year for criminal activities. Coincidentally they were all acquitted. Several of them flee the city, all receive death threats and contact from the Investigative Division

Seven AM (T minus 9 hours)

A tanker truck jackknifes passing through the Sheal area and causes substantial delays getting into the city from the western bridges.

Eight AM (T minus 8 hours)

The letter and an audio recording of it are released to the news agencies and show up on WXZV’s website. Hysteria ensues as people try to decide what to do.

Nine AM (T minus 7 hours)

The resulting gridlock going into and out of the city causes a temporary closure of the underground tunnels. This is fixed by noon. Many accidents and fights breakout as the stress level rises.

Ten AM (T minus 6 hours)

The law firm of Lighter and Bond is evacuated due to a bomb threat. They handle all the current indictments for money laundering for the current year. At 10:45 the top floor of the building explodes.

Eleven AM (T minus 5 hours)

A Protectorate division vehicle is found on fire in each island Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown.

NOON (T minus 4 hours)

A video showing the assassinations of several key mob enforcers is leaked online and via Twitter. The words “Crime Doesn’t Pay” are repeatedly flashed between each video.

One PM (T minus 3 hours)

A New Arkham Marshall and his team are gunned down at a coffee shop immediately following the release of their last apprehension.

Two PM (T minus 2 hours)

The assistant DA Miles Lindenhoff is found in the burn unit of the ST. Peter’s Hospital

Three PM (T minus 1 hour)

A city transit bus explodes while headed for the airport.

42 minutes ago…

A Video is leaked online that shows the symbol and a distorted voice that New Arkham has failed to protect its citizens and will now be shut down.

Issue 1 Recap

Simon Winkler High in the sky over New Arkham!

“Out of the frying pan with Simon Winkler!” (theme music plays for 7 seconds)

As you can see behind me the nearest tower of the main bridge has been damaged by rocket fires from one if our newest residents-the Arklight Corporations’ …superhumans!

Up until five minutes ago the NAPD were at a complete loss to control the crisis on the bridge. No less than 5 SWAT lances were deployed onto the bridge over the last half an hour. These teams have been at a loss to control the citizens that have seemingly lost their minds. Despite several attempts and the discharge of weapons-wait!

What is that?

Two shapes…man shapes in some kind of armor have broken the surface of the water are inbound towards the bridge.

Issue 2 Recap

Simon Winkler here with Ms Lucy Westinghouse of The Arklight Corporation.

Ms Westinghouse can you please explain the secrecy around the new Superhuman Tactical Protocol?

“Of course Simon!” (a coy smirk crosses her face)

“One of the more elaborate elements of the Hitomi Algorithim was the inclusion of an unknown force. The Hitomi Theory of Prediction accounts for all possible scenarios, not just the ones that apparent. Think about Sherlock Holmes process of deduction:

When you eliminate possible scenarios, whatever remains must be the truth!"

“Dr Hitomi respected Sir Conan Doyle’s brillance in this matter. We searched for some time to locate individuals capable of stopping the worst scenarios we coud envision. So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the STP!”

(each PC is introduced in turn)

(Sphereport is introduced as a robot. Nullspace’s identity is hidden.)

Issue 3 Recap
We need a hero!!

After a dramatic series of events the citizens of New Arkham can rest assured that there is someone looking out for them.

Who you ask?

Why superheroes, of course!!

Now before you change your channel allow me to demonstrate the facts:
Strange beings have been intervening in Earth’s history for eons. Simply consult your world history books and the evidence is there. Gods, dragons and many unexplainable “alien events” are sprinkled over the accounts of any age of human history.

(images as shown)

Now let’s look at the footage from the bridge incident. It is obvious that a powerful threat looms over the city. The power armored individuals that blasted the bridge did so to kill people. Those people were saved by Gilgamesh, Nullspace and Air-man. Many others were saved by the whole team, including The Warden tand Sphereport.

(foootage is shown)

But the most amazing story is the one that occurred at the Grand Clemont Subway Station tonight. Four robotic monstrosities attempted to kill thousands of citizens and NAPD troopers. They even went so far as to rain rockets down on the innocents.

Even an attempt to bring the roofs own was prevented by our superheroes. Not a single life was lost and now over 5 thousand people have left the city to safety in nearby Sheal.

This is fantastic people. We have our own guardians here to protect us. All provided by the Arklight Corporation.

Thanks and Goodnight.

Simon Out!!

Act 1 Recap

Synopsis of Act 1

Principal Personas

Act Two

With the public revealing of the super-powered phenomenon and the creation of the North Star Initiative (NSI), it is an exciting time. However, as the time of trials for the captured villains approaches the eyes of the world watch the Arklight Corporation’s impending Tribunal.

Four lawmakers from around the world arrive in New Arkham and begin debating the law conventions that will be used in the Tribunal’s proceedings.

The Icons (as they have been named) are now independent of the Arklight Corporation and have thrown in with the NSI in an official capacity. Now recognized as the da facto group of supers in North America.

The question on everyone’s mind is…what dark tidings will the future bring?

A Cold Night in Russia

A cold wind blows across the silent tundra near Nihil’osk, accompanied by a lone airsuit of unknown origin that walks into the rising night. A lone structure, a factory with billowing smoke stacks, can be seen obscruring the glare of the setting sun in the distance. The silence is broken by the thundering crash of a factory wall as it is parted by the fist of tall figure hearing a fedora and trenchcoat. Nearby a man in fatigues hovers on a flying disk, a battlesuit wearing scientist, and a faded man dressed in black watch the wall part revealing its inner corridors.

The man with the hat utters something unintelligable as he stares into the dark recesses of the factory his vision focused on a scene that only he can see: A window into a well lit room. Seated near the window at a desk is a man in a dark gray suit, italian in design, asian in fabric, and expensive.

The figure turns to meet the gaze of the man in the hat:

“Welcome to Russia, Gilgamesh. Dasvidanya, heroes…”


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